Invisible Man

FH says:…Then Al starts to say that Tesla was brought back into the scene on the invisibility issue in 1934.

HS says:…This is where Bielek gets whacked. If there are records we need to know which ones and where they are and how Bielek knows and why doesn't he have copies.

BP says:…I don't know if Bielek has copies or not but he might know by reading Popular Mechanics Page 645, May 1934. The one page I have is entitled “Photographs Show a Man Becoming Invisible”, I don't know if there are more pages but I think not. Not a word about Tesla in it tho.

It reads:

“After years of research, a young British inventor claims to have produced an apparatus which can render a man invisible although he still stands before you in the flesh. [The Inventor's name is not given, nor is the name of the person writing this.] Operation of the device, which is being used for exhibition purposes, is a closely guarded secret but the man who is to disappear is clothed in what is described as an “electro-helmet” [Today we would call it a Space Suite, or Environment (Bunny) Suite going by the picture.] and a “spectralmantle” [might be 'spectral-mantle', either way I have no idea, nor is it described].

“In this garb he looks like a deep-sea diver as he stands in a cabinet, open at the front, on a brilliantly lighted stage.

“With both hands he touches contact gloves above his head and an electric current is switched on. As the current becomes stronger, it is claimed that the man seems to become transparent, then gradually vanishes, the feet disappearing first, followed by the rest of the body, and finally the head. The subject then is said to be tangible but not visible. Spectators are invited to verify the man's presence in the cabinet by a touch of the hand, and maintain they can feel he is still there but are unable to see him. Even the eye of the camera does not reveal the secret. Photographs taken during successive stages of the vanishing act, show only what the human eye perceives.”

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