Philadelphia Experiment

Welcome to the Oil City/Reno Area of North Western Pennsylvania. This page 'lives' only a couple of miles from the soon to be infamous FRANKLIN 8/RENO 3 sign, that inspired “Dr Franklin Reno” to adopt the pseudonym.

One of the locals told me that the original sign was destroyed in a car accident, this is the current one:

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The Philadelphia experiment : project invisibility : an account of a search for a secret Navy wartime project that may have succeeded - too well / by William L. Moore, in consultation with Charles Berlitz:

                           FRANKLIN 8
                           RENO     3

                   The Philadelphia Experiment
                       By William L.Moore
                      in consultation with
                         Charles Berlitz

                 Author of the Bermuda Triangle
                  Published By Ballantine Books

                  Cover Up - Or Uncanny Truth?

     "Are  you saying that the Navy tried to make you  invisible,
in some sort of experiment?"

     "Electronic  camouflage,"  came the answer.   "Some sort  of
electrical  camouflage produced by pulsating  energy  fields...We
couldn't take it-none of us.   Though it affected us in different
ways.   Some  only saw double,  others began to laugh and stagger
like they were drunk,  and a few passed out.   Some even  claimed
that  they had passed into another world and had seen and  TALKED
to  strange alien beings.   And in some cases the effects weren't
temporary.   I was told later that several had died...But as  for
the  rest  of  us  who  survived-well,   they  just  let  us  go.
Disability, they called it. Discharged as mentally unbalanced and
unfit  for  further  service...That way,  if the  Navy  ever  got
questioned  about  it,  they  could just chalk it up as  a  story
cooked up by a bunch of nuts..."

                  "The Philadelphia Experiment"
               A bizarre excursion into the unknown

From chapter 9, pg 173:

                       The Unexpected Key

     "....The reader will recall that early in his second  letter
to Dr.  Jessup,  Allende made an assertion to the effect that not
only  was Einstein's Unified Field Theory completed between  1925
and  1927,  but  an entire theory was subjected by the Navy to  a
"complete  (Group  math) recheck...with a view to any  and  every
possible quick use of a very short time."  If Allende  is
to  be  believed,  then it was the results of  this  mathematical
process  which supposedly provided the theoretical basis for what
was eventually to become the Philadelphia Experiment."
PG  174:    "    the name of the scientist allegedly in charge of
this  "recheck."  This man is identified as Dr.  Franklin  Reno,"
{TAKE  NOTE  OF  THAT NAME!} "a man  whom  Allende  refers  quite
offhandedly as "my friend."

     "Obviously if this Dr.  Reno could be found, and if he could
be convinced to add his testimony...."

     "Now,  after  several years of persistent research into this
aspect of the affair,  the authors at last feel that the  riddle
surrounding the identity of the elusive Dr. Reno has been solved!
And with it comes a fantastic tale which seems to provide for the
first  time some substantial insights into the mystery which  for
so long has enshrouded the so-called Philadelphia Experiment...."
PG 175:   "The substance of that story is that man referred to by
Allende  as Dr Franklin Reno was not only a very real person but,
before  his  death  only a little more than a  year  before  this
writing, he personally verified to Moore the substantial truth of
Allende's  statements  concerning the beginnings of  the  project
which came to be known as the Philadelphia Experiment."
The book was copyrighted in 1979.

     "the   reason  why  earlier  researchers   were   completely
unsuccessful  in  their  efforts to find this  Franklin  Reno  is
easily  explained by the simple fact that they were looking for a
man whose name was not Franklin Reno, although a clue to the name
and the whereabouts of the man was on a road map of the state  of

     In  the  oil-producing region of northwestern  Pennsylvania,
along  U.S.  Route  62 not far from Oil City,  lies the  city  of
Franklin,  Pennsylvania-a peaceful little trading center of about
8,000  population and the county seat of  Venango  County.   Five
miles  to  the  east,  still on the same road  and  about  midway
between Franklin and Oil City,  lies the village of Reno, home of
a  large refinery of the Wolf's Head Oil Company.   Just  outside
this  same Oil City,  on the west bound side of Route  62,  stood,
until  a few years ago,  the road sign that explains why so  many
diligent  researchers  have been so consistently unsuccessful  in
their efforts to identify Allende's mysterious "friend."  Printed
on this sign were the words

                           FRANKLIN 8
                           RENO     3

-the same words which inspired a very real scientist over  thirty
years ago to create a very effective pseudonym.

     But  if  "Franklin Reno:  is nothing more than a  pseudonym,
then  the question now become:  (1) Who is the real  person?  (2)
What is (or was) his connection with Carlos Miguel  Allende?  (3)
What, if anything, can he add to the story?

     Unfortunately   the  matter  is  so  sensitive  that   these
questions  cannot be entirely answered even yet for reasons which
the reader will come to understand as the story progresses.   For
even though the man Allende knew as Dr.  Reno has since died,  we
have  been enjoined to be discreet by those still living who  are
very interested in maintaining the status quo.   Consequently, we
have chosen to refer to this individual as Dr. Rinehart, the name
given  to  him  in a fictionalized version  of  the  Philadelphia
Experiment   published   recently,   representing   yet   another
indication  of  increasing public interest and awareness  in  the
"impossible" experiment."

PG 177:    "...Dr Rinehart, who, when he began to suspect he knew
too  much for his own good (and perhaps his survival),  chose  to
hide  himself  away from the segments of society that  seemed  to
threaten him the most."

     "They still watch over me,  you know. In fact, it's actually
come  to the point where I try to avoid going certain  places  in
the town because of the sudden interest my appearance there seems
to   create-especially  around  certain  buildings  down  at  the

PG 194:  "Do you recall what the code name of this project  might
have been?"

                Rinehart: "Rainbow" or "Mirage".
           From Inter-Service Code-Word Index 9/1/1941
                        7470 RAINBOW 334

PG 198: "No one at this point had ever considered the possibility
of interdenominational effects or mass displacement."....

I've talked with Mr Moore about his “Great Detective” work, he went to college at Thiel in Greenville Pennsylvania nearby, and knew of this area because he travailed through it to go to Titusville basketball games.

While this is lost on most, at least on paper, T.T.Brown was in charge of the Philadelphia Shipyard at the time. Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown by Paul Schatzkin; Kindle Edition.